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The Famed Mudd Club Is Now a Rummage Sale, With Dresses From Debbie Harry

“Ian Schrager told me that they did the Mike Todd Room at Palladium because of Mudd,” he said. But he added, with a touch of rearview mirror wisdom, that many art-worlders had always acted as if they were a bit uncomfortable to be dealing with a club man in a curatorial capacity. “It was as if they expected all club people to be loutish gangsters,” he said. Like there are no loutish gangsters in the art world, I asked. We wandered around the rummage sale space, which had been filling fast. Two young women floated by, mostly wearing translucent plastic bubbles. Chloë Sevigny was eying the chic merch ชุดเด็ก ราคาถูก by the likes of Agnès B. I spotted Anton Perich, who had contributed his famous photo of Iggy Pop, looking as luminous and tormented as an El Greco carter's ขายส่งยกแพ็ค saint. The photographers William Coupon and Allan Tannenbaum were weaving hither and thither.

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