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Essentially, religion is composed of stories to help provide moral guidance. I think astrology is similar to religion in that way, but it isn’t primarily anecdotal; it’s more like certain things are assigned to different planetary spaces of time. Then again, you could ask the question of who decides that, much like how you can ask who decided what to put in the Bible. At its core though, astrology is a way to try to figure out who you are in this wild time. I think religion tries to do that as well, but in a different way. KB: Although some people claim their sign has nothing to do with them, factors such as your moon sign and houses can provide you with a lot of information about your habits, inner feelings and priorities. What’s important to you and why that is can be found through analyzing your birth chart or where particular planets were located at the time and date of your birth. LA: Sometimes I look at these charts, especially on some of the apps like Co-Star , which gives you updates on a day-to-day basis, and I feel like I know too much about myself, to the point where it stresses me out. Do you think there’s a line? Should some things remain a mystery? KB: I don’t think everything is the hardcore truth.

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