Emerging Ideas In Elegant Secrets For Evening Dress

Witness Steve Jobs clunky New Balance 991s, or Mark Zuckerbergs hoodie, or Elon Musks tight black muscle tee . They know a secret women in the office are only just learning-you can code more, write for longer, and think better if your heels arent killing you and your wool waistband isnt digging into your side. Its telling that the Silicon Valley fashion mantra has become comfort above all else. Throughout history, fashion fads have tended to exacerbate womens discomfort rather than alleviate it. Theres the stiletto of course, but theres also this seasons absurd off-the-shoulder ruffled shirt , or the constricting peep-shoulder trend , or the scourge of the deeply impractical maxi dress. And, of course, the truly insane lingerie bodysuit . Athleisure, by contrast, is a gift to women from the fashion gods. When it became socially acceptable to leave the house in leggings and tennis shoes, angels cried tears of joy. Yoga pants enable free range of motion-they allow a city dweller to literally run to catch a subway, play with a baby, or do downward dog, I guess. They liberate the wearer from the tyranny of ironing-not to mention the financial black hole that is dry cleaning. This is a significant departure from other, more precious womens fashion trends that require time-consuming maintenance that studies have shown tends to be more expensive for them than it is for men.

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Jin Ok of North Korea ...as found by BBC Monitoring 12 April 2017 These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images Image caption North Korea recorded a victory over Slovenia, but finished fourth in their group Ice hockey players representing North Korea in a women's world championship tournament in South Korea returned home this week, leaving behind most of the gifts presented to them by their hosts. The 30-member team, which participated in the World Championship Division 2 round-robin tournament in the city of Gangneung, returned she said commemorative keyrings and red ginseng boxes given by the host city and provincial government, the JoongAng Daily newspaper reports. The monetary value of the gifts - given to all 2,000 participants and officials at the event - was no more than 51,000 won ($41; 36), but one provincial official thought that the athletes "probably felt scared" to take them. They didn't return to North Korea empty-handed, though. The team reportedly returned to Pyongyang with cuddly toys of Soohorang and Bandabi, the mascots of the 2018 Winter Olympics, which are to be held in South Korea. They probably took those "because of their symbolism", the provincial official told JoongAng Daily. North Korea's trip over to the south was not entirely successful, either. The team only managed to finish fourth in a tournament won by deadly rivals South Korea , who beat them 3-0 last Thursday. North Korea's state controlled media, in characteristic style, chose not to cover the result. Image copyright AFP

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